Comic Cune November 2015 (コミックキューン2015年11月号)

February 19th, 2016

Cune1115In October of 2015, I discovered a new magazine, Comic Cune. It’s not specifically to my taste being heavy on the moe, but I was pleasantly surprised at the goofy weirdness of the content, which cut the sugariness of the art. Not just hideously blob-faced girls being childishly cute, Cune had hideously blob-faced girls being childishly cute, with a backdrop of vampires, aliens, giant skeletons, and other set-ups that focused on contrast – the (girl) otaku and the girl (non-otaku), maids (of course) and schools and work and home life and stuff. The first issue was oddball enough that I decided to see if it continued being oddball, or fell immediately into saccharine banality.

Well, in the November 2015 issue of Comic Cune (コミックキューン2015年11月号), it sort of does both.

There is basically only one gag possible in “Dokuro-san ga Miter iru” about a giant looming skeleton. But you know – it’s a really good gag and I laughed anyway. ^_^

Yuri this issue is light, with only Hisanari Minamoto’s “Season Theater Theatrical” representing, but many of the series skirt Yuri. Luckily, the December issue has a stronger showing. I’m going to keep reading this magazine until I either get tired of the moe…or the gags. ^_^


Overall – 8

Yuri – 4

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