Silent Mobius QD Manga, Volume 2 (サイレントメビウスQD)

March 24th, 2016

SMQD2In November I had a chance to look at the first volume of Asamiya Kia’s return to his classic sci-fi Tokyo of the future, threatened by hard-to-discern creatures from another dimension and the women of the Attacked Mystification Police who fight them.

In Silent Mobius QD, Volume 2, (サイレントメビウスQD) we spend a little time getting familiar with Yamigumo Nagi, the cousin of AMP’s former member Yamigumo Nami, and Irene Wong who, like AMP Chief Lebia Maverick, is a visionnaire.

The volume is non-stop action, with third attracion attacks all over the place and a rescue mission of a vessel called the Bell Liner. In the middle of the action, Aoi continues to be difficult, we grow to like and respect Tasha and Chris insists that she’s there for Aoi…and we’ll never learn why. Unfortunately for us, the series comes to an end here at two volumes. Who Chris is, how and why Aoi can use Grospoliner, will remain mysteries forever.


Art – 8
Story – 3 It bit off more than it could chew
Characters – 8 Wish we got to know them
Yuri – 2 Woulda coulda shoulda on Chris and Aoi. Chris’s emotion was way intense.
Service – 4 Tasteful (hahah) nudity, Irene’s got a nice back tattoo.

Overall – 7

I so wish we had gotten the rest of this. I really wanted to know what the deal with Chris was.

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