Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – April 2, 2016

April 2nd, 2016

YNN_MariK Yuri Events

My Yuri schedule is jam-packed this spring and I really hope you’ll be able to catch me at one of these events:

Alt Manga Symposium at Baruch College, NYC, NY, April 7th (this Thursday, so RSVP asap!)

Alternative Sexualities Manga Panel at LaGuardia College in Queens, NY, April 18th

Tokyo Comics Showcase, Vol. 1, part of Rainbow Pride Week in Tokyo, Japan, May 3rd. (No  RSVP needed, but there is a 1500¥cover charge.)

And I’ve just added a panel at AnimeNEXT, in their new Atlantic City location on Saturday, June 11, time TBA, where I’ll be talking about queer manga and fandom. I’m extremely glad to be part of ANEXT once again. ^_^

The good folks at Gay Manga! gave us a look at the Super Queeroes exhibition held at the Schwules Museum in Berlin, Germany.


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Sailor Moon News

Viz Media announced (with more than a little breathlessness, I might add) that the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal is going to be simulcast on Monday, April 4th. No specific time has been announced, but it will be shortly after the Japanese broadcast is complete.

I can’t remember if I told you all this yet, but it bears repeating and I’ll probably say it again. As part of their complete Sailor Moon license, Viz also will be releasing all the mini specials for the original series. Never-before-seen in official English release, you’ll get to see Ami’s First Love and the amazing, wonderful, Super S Special that includes Chibi-usa’s adventure with vampires and a short starring Haruka, Michiru and creepy dolls, featuring Michiru’ best mic drop line ever. Keep your eyes peeled for these!

In an amazing coincidence, Anion Cafe in Shibuya will be running a Sailor Moon Crystal Cafe while I am in Japan, featuring Outer Senshi-themed food items. Reservations are required, so far nothing past April 17th is available. If I manage to make this, the Sailor Moon art exhibition and cafe and the Card Captor Sakura cafe…and Rainbow Pride and Comitia, this trip will hit never before attained heights of pure geekdom. Fingers crossed. ^_^

Other News 

Waahhhh~~~~!!! Steven Universe is returning to Cartoon Network in July and has been renewed for two more seasons after the current one completes. I know we all want to know how this Peridot arc ends.

And let’s wrap today up on a historical note – Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is running a Kickstarter on women who were influential in the comics industry, She Changed Comics. These are names and works we all should know, so consider helping them out.

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Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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