Tokyo Journal, Part 4 – Tokyo Rainbow Pride Day

May 8th, 2016

trpOur final event of this eventful trip was to the Tokyo Rainbow Pride Festa at Yoyogi Park. Yoyogi Park is the Park closest to Harajuku and the Meiji Shrine, so the crowds there are always delightfully immense and full of girls with cute, fashionable clothes.  Today it also included cute little gay kids and families spending an absolutely gorgeous day in the park for the final Saturday of Golden Week. It could not have been more perfect a day.

I love festivals, and Rainbow Pride was one of three at the park that day.  Sharing the space was a Cambodian Festival and a Latin festival. The food smells were making us so hungry!

Like most festivals, the booths were a mix of corporations, services and stuff for sale. I bought an official t-shirt, of course.^_^ I’m always throwing money at these things.

We had a fucking yummy hamburger for lunch. It was so nice to see something written in New Jersey.


And instead of flame-broiled, it was flame throwered.


I think this would play very well at the Jersey Shore.

We met a friend from the Tuesday night event and caught up with scholar Matt Thorn and his friends and saw Remi-san and Yuki-san once more to say good bye and thanks.

It was such a beautiful night, we walked around some more, ate at a local cheap tsukemen place (noodles to dip into soup) and walked around the discount stores on the street until we crashed.

That’s it for events in Tokyo. When I get home I’ll show you everything we picked up!


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  1. ArcaJ says:

    Great, now I’m hungry. Fuckin’ yummy hamburger. You win again!

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