Yuri Manga: HaruYuri (ハルユリ)

May 20th, 2016

In Volume 1 of HaruYuri (ハルユリ), Ichijou Ranko is a boyish, charming young woman and unknown to herself, all the girls fall for her instantly. But none of them go as far as Sakurano Komachi who, on the very first day of school, kisses her and lamprey-like attaches herself to Ranko possessively.

What follows is a series of tedious tropes, delusional “imaginary Yuri” gags (’cause you know, teen girls think just like creepy old guys) for about half a volume, then suddenly we’re in one of those magic schools where the girls all pair off and suddenly everyone turns out to be a couple.

Pairs include the president and vice-president of the student council. (I cannot for the life of me remember the vice-president of my high school student council. Or the secretary. I remember the President, vaguely.) The one couple that softened my attitude towards the book was the unlikely geek doujinshi girl and super-fashionable girl couple – pretty much because the fashionable girl is horrified at herself.

But what about Ranko and Komachi? Lamprey and shark, all the way through.

It sounds like a pretty bad book and I’m not going to say it was good,  but when all the couples start talking and getting to be friends, I kinda found a soft spot for it.


Art – 7 Competently drawn, but wacky facial expressions throughout.
Story – 3 I’ll let you know when one shows up
Characters – 7 Okay
Service – 5 Imaginary, you know, so it doesn’t count. Except that it does.
Yuri – 6

Overall – 6ish, maybe 7 by the end

Is that soft spot soft enough to get Volume 2? I have no idea, honestly. I guess we’ll see.

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  1. Day says:

    I only recall the president of my high school’s student council because I was madly, terribly, wretchedly head over heels for her ^_^; As I didn’t go to a magic yuri high school, I was completely out of luck!

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