Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – July 16,2016

July 16th, 2016


Yuri Manga

Top story this week comes from Comic Natalie who announces that, with the January 2017 issue (on sale in November,) Comic Yuri Hime is moving to a monthly format. This is a first for a Yuri manga magazine. Congrats to the folks at Ichijinsha and gambatte to all the manga artists.


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Huge news from Denise Schroeder, creator of  Yuri Manga Before You Go for Sparkler Monthly. She has announced that, if the Year 4 Sparkler Monthly Kickstarter reaches full funding she’ll be creating a third story in her Yuri series, which will take this to a full graphic novel size.

I’ve repeatedly sung the praises of Sparkler Monthly and this news gives me  chance to do two things I like doing – promote good manga and promote a worthy, diverse Kickstarter. The folks working on Sparkler totally get their audience’s interest in Josei, BL and Yuri manga, Light Novels, and Voice Dramas and provide a wide variety of styles and story. If you’d like to see more and better of all of this, please consider throwing some money at them!

Itou Hachi’s newest legally married fox-earad girls story, Gohou Fuufuhon, ( 合法百合夫婦本) is available, as is the Special Edition of the 5th Volume of Saburouta’s Citrus.

Anime News

Amano Kozue’s Amanchu! has launched on Crunchyroll. If you’ve watched it and have any thoughts, let us know in the comments!

ANN has the scoop on the art for the Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Box Set cover art. It’s nice. ^_^

Other News

Japanese telecom DoCoMo has a new TV ad that features, among others, a lesbian couple. Awww…

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6 Responses

  1. Michelle says:

    This is random, but that bit about Sparkly Monthly also doing Voice Dramas caught my eye. Recently, I’ve been quite a fan of what I dub as Lesbian Romance “Audio Television Series” (non anime/manga). These are of a Non-English (Mandarin to be exact) origin.

    They are exactly like watching a movie or a television series, with a similar production caliber, save for the fact that there aren’t any visuals, hence “Audio Television”, or well, Radio Plays.

    A good lot of these Audio Television dramas are adapted from written Lesbian Romance Fiction novels, with the rest being originally scripted.

    In the last 2-3 years, the Lesbian Romance Genre alone has produced around 220+ episodes (ranging from stand-a-lone shows to episodes that are part of a series run), with about 1-4 episodes released weekly (again, ranging from stand-a-lone shows to episodes that are part of a series run).

    So overall, I think this format of entertainment has a lot of potential, and thus I’m glad to see more people divesting into creating these different types of LGBT inclusive content.

  2. I’m excited that Citrus might get an Anime soon, that’s my favorite Yuri.

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