Meet the Women of “Dangerous Women”!

November 3rd, 2016

Thfull-coverere’s a handful of days left in the Dangerous Women Kickstarter and we’re really hoping to make a stretch goal or two.  I know that folks here are always looking for great lesbian fiction – this is a really great anthology with 13 of the most dangerous (and fun!) women you’ve ever met. 

Hypnotika – Ruthless, brilliant teacher of supervillains. Controls the media – and you. 

Estratega – Games the financial markets and takes revenge on the selfish , trying to have a dinner date, dammit. 

Samantha Corvus – Killed as a witch, just trying to take what’s hers. 

Chrome Menace – A slick as quicksilver, as strong as metal and as bitter as the tears of the forgotten.

Eden Sorrow – Willing to destroy the world to destroy one man.

Sadie – A god. A sadist. A lonely woman. A force of nature.

Mirdonna – Changing the world, one beating heart at a time

Jack – A slick talking lover, who wants to enjoy her travels, one bank and one woman along the way.

Celestite – “The Scourge of Brighthaven” facing some employment problems.

Jaguar – Channeling ancient gods to commit crimes and the only thing standing between the world and complete destruction.

Nereid – A hero whose girlfriend is an evil scientist.

Jessica Mayfair – A journalist willing to sell her soul for the perfect story.

Alex Weiss – Burnt out INTERPOL officer, hard drinker and willing to stab anyone in the back for the right deal.

If you trust my recommendations, please back this book! $5 for a DRM-free digital copy in multiple formats, only $10 for print, my sincere thanks, and Team Dangerous will probably spare your city. ^_^

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