Yuri Doujinshi: Kitao Taki and Yorita Miyuki Short Story Collections

January 3rd, 2018

A million years ago, back in November, I was wandering around Comitia throwing money at Yuri doujinshi artists. In the hurlyburly of buying many things, I managed to pick up two collections that I wanted to tell you about.

The first, 2013-2015短編集 (BQ) 北尾タキ is a collection by Kitao Taki-sensei, an artist whose work I have been following for many, many years. 

This collection contains doujinshi by her from the last few years. There’s one short series, the rest of the stories are one-offs. A few of these are about schoolgirls, but many of them follow older, working, women.

The stories tend to feature a confident, (sometimes seductive) character and one overwhelmed by the overt display of lust shown by that character. “Overwhelmed” is something Kitao-sensei is both good at and clearly enjoys. She draws “flailing” with panache.

It’s amazing how many different ways “staying over my place after a night out” can be developed into a fun story, and [BQ] Short Story Collection explores them all. ^_^

This collection is available to folks with Japanese Kindle accounts or at doujinshi shows at which circle [BQ] is participating. You can also grab her 2016-2017 collection on JP Kindle or check out her Pixiv account.

Another doujinshi collection I nabbed at Comitia was by Yorita Miyuki-sensei. And I wanted to make sure I told you about it because you can get it on American Kindle (in Japanese)  under the name kanojonokuchizuke kansensururibido sosyuhen1! The individual chapters are also available on Kindle, as well and on Amazon JP in print as 彼女のくちづけ感染するリビドー総集編1.

This collection is a short series that follows two young women who meet in a hospital. One is cool and aloof, the other, interested but dishonest about her feelings. As they get closer, their health issues get in the way, but love conquers all and they end up with a lovely, dreamy happily-ever-after, removed from reality. 

The art for this series is professional-looking shoujo style art. Nothing happens here that will wow you, but for a solid story and a happy ending, this collection is very satisfying. 


Kitao Taki [BQ] Short Story Collection – 8

Yorita Miyuki Kanoujo no Kuchizuke Kansensuru Libido – 8

It’s true that you can (and should) get work by talented Yuri artists online, but I still get tremendous pleasure from being able to walk up to an table and hand money over directly to these hard-working, unsung artists..and I hope I’ll be seeing them in future pages of Galette or other Yuri anthologies.


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  1. Hannah says:

    I loved Kanojo no~ and am looking forward to getting the next collected volume. It’s been a while since I read it so I don’t remember names, but the main character’s friend struggling with internalized homophobia and a secret interest in lesbian media (including the L Word making an appearance!!) is SO real.

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