Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – February 10, 2018

February 10th, 2018

Yuri Light Novels 

Via YNN Correspondent Sean G, Seven Seas has listed the Strawberry Panic! Light novels as digital releases. If you missed the “Hikari cries” drinking game the first time around, now’s your chance! Volume 1 | Volume 2 | Volume 3. This parody of all that is good in Yuri was well worth reading, if only for having some of the most absurd language in the history of writing. It was so overblown and precious I dubbed it moego.

Yuri Live Action

A while back I mentioned that Fun Home the Musical, based on Alison Bechdel’s breathtaking graphic novel would be reaching Japan in February. I thought you might enjoy the look a promotional video of rehearsals, featuring former Takariesienne Sena Jun as “big Alison.”  I hope the version they see is is as good as the version I saw on Broadway.


Yuri Events

The Yuriten 2018 Yuri Fair website is up and running and has a full line-up of creators who will be there. I took a look at the 2017 photos and I can see that there’s a fair amount of male gaze art and photography. I expect there will be this time, too (because I recognize the artists), but I also know some of the creators there are decidedly female gaze, and hope to see (and buy) some great stuff.  ^_^

To celebrate, the March issue of Da Vinci magazine will feature Yuri manga artists Morishima Akiko, Shimura Takako, Takashima Hiromi, according Nakatani Nio, according to Comic Natalie. Da Vinci is a woman’s magazine, so I’m hoping that will inspire female fans to turn out to the event. (I can hope, can’t I? ^_^)


Yuri Anime

Our good friends in Japan will now have the chance to enjoy Steven Universe via Cartoon Network Japan. (Dear Yuri gods, it would be cool to be able to see an episode while I’m there….)


A month’s worth of Yuri news and reviews, for the price of a sandwich!


Other News

According to ANN, Rose of Versailles may have been hiding a vampire in its cast. ^_^ Girodel does look awfully youthful….

Are you old school? Then you might find this fun – a web-based Winamp player. I have been assured that it will accepts skins, so drag those old backups out and have a little fun! Or, hey, search for the few Angelfire sites left where you can download them. ^_^(If you didn’t follow anything in this sentence, just ignore it.) 

Her’s a little eye-candy for your weekend. Via Comic Natalie, Nokizaka 46 is featured in a new commercial campaign in which they model men’s and women’s office fashion. ^_^

The Proplica Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune wands are a joy to behold and…to listen to. Watch the video and marvel at the fact that soon our our toys won’t need us at all, they’ll keep each other company.


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Thanks to all of you – you make this a great Yuri Network!

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  1. Julia says:

    The Winamp link is a tad broken (still possible to get there, but have to remove the current page and add a www before the “.ghacks.net”).

    Sadly wont be able to make it, but still rather happy to see Amagakure Gido on the list of artists at Yuriten. Really enjoyed Shuden Niwa Kaeshimasu, so hope that we’ll get some new stories. Also great to see that Nishio Yuhta is still going strong.

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