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June 19th, 2003

Yuricon ga owatta!

Well, it’s all over, except for the odd cleanup (and getting all these damn boxes out of my house!) but I don’t have my con report yet. Today’s entry is an advertisement for ALC Publishing’s second shoujoai manga title:

Rica ‘tte Kanji!? is now onsale!

Rica written by Yuricon 2003 Guest of Honor Rica Takashima, tells the tale of a delightful young Rica, come to Tokyo for the first time. We follow Rica as she makes new friends, explores the Nichoume and falls in love. Rica is a funny, charming tale and should not be missed by any fan of shoujoai manga.

Rica ‘tte Kanji!? is available online at the Yuricon Shop. Look for it at the Anime Castle, store in NY, as well!

Next time: Con Chair’s Report

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