Ultimate Girls Anime

March 3rd, 2005

Well, what can you say about an anime whose intitials are “UG”?

Frankly, I think the acronym sums it up nicely. This anime makes me retch. Yes, Silk and Vivienne are into each other, so of course they talk around each other, blush madly in each other’s direction and grab each other’s breasts in the bath. Yes, this is what girls do.


Gah, this anime is disgusting. The tranformation scenes are cleverly crafted to make anyone with the least little bit humanity left feel filthy.

I don’t care if it has a genuine clear cut Yuri couple – it sucks. If you think it is “cute” or “funny” or “sexy,” this is a major hint that you are a “bottom-feeding perv.”

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2 Responses

  1. punistation says:

    “Ultimate Girls.” It was that, or produce the other show… “Ultimate Women.”

    Lovely ladies rutting and reading in bed, instead of lollies blushing and booby-grabbing.

    And yet, they chose to make the one starring the squeaking pre-teens. Shame, but you can’t be a gaygirl in anime without at last one scene in a school uniform. -_o

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