Yuri Anime: Crimson Climax

October 22nd, 2005

It’s not like Crimson Climax is *good* hentai, but as hentai goes, it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen, either.

The sex is split between lesbian scenes, which are almost always cut short, and straight sex which is not entirely non-consensual. If you skip the non-con stuff, what’s left is a weirdly touching tale of a family curse and the devoted female servants who sacrifice all for their mistresses.

Did I mention that this anime is a horror hentai? Guess not. Well, it is. So that means there’s a lot of blood, and some pretty gruesome and pointlessly wasteful deaths, and the main character appears to be a cyborg doll thing with bits of humans holding her together. It’s all confusing and since I didn’t actually care, I have no idea how or why or, in fact, even what.

Did I mention the reasonably decent lesbian sex scenes? Yes? Well, then. There’s your review.


 Nov 22, 2010: Of interest,  this review was served today with a takedown order based on infringing copyrighted material. Since the *only* thing I had on this post was a picture of the cover of the anime, which was linked to a place where people could legitimately buy the thing if they wanted, I have removed it. I can see that this review got caught in a net of sites that stream the whole anime.

I actually *looked* at the takedown order. It was clear that this was an issue with an automated tool and/or a person who couldn’t tell the difference between a review and a stream. Instead of throwing a hissy fit or posting all over the planet, I contacted the copyright holder. It helps that I know they are not insane. ^_^ They grokked the situation immediately and are going to contact the copyright/takedown org to explain the issue.

The moral of the story is – don’t panic. Not every copyright holder is THE MAN.

Nov. 23, 2010: Everyone in the matter has been as pleasant and apologetic as possible. Not only has the copyright holder apologized, and sent a number of follow-up emails explaining what happened, the takedown company has also contacted me with apologies and assurance that my domain is on their whitelist and that they have informed Google that the takedown order has been retracted.

My gut feeling is that since I am in a small industry contacting the copyright holder was the way to go. Had I sent a counter-claim through Google’s DCMA counter-claim process it would be lost in a pile of thousands of other claims in *their* legal department. Still, for those of us who review anime and manga – it is a small industry. Don’t Panic. If you’re not distributing material you have no right to distribute, then you are not doing anything wrong. Don’t throw a hissy fit. Contact the copyright holder and LOOK at the takedown. Don’t be afraid to push back.

Once more for good measure- not every copyright holder is THE MAN. And in the end, there’s the picture back where it belongs.

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh! this movie was a piece of junk! The story makes no sense! and its just so dumb how a poor girl has to be “sacrificed” just so that some piece of junk maniquin doll can continue to sit on its throne! And I absolutely detest that annoying “little girl” with the black dress!! what an annoying BITCH!!

  2. I did pretty much tell you to ignore the plot…

  3. Anonymous says:

    are u a lesbian oh can a girl like Yuri and not be a lesbian?

  4. Mizuki says:

    Crimson, is awesome; although I do like Strawberry Panic, even though theres’ not much graphic, but its nice. For some reason Crimson reminds me of another anime; forgot which one was it. Oh Black Bible is nice too; minus some stuff.. >.<
    Merry XMAS & Happy New Year!

  5. Stroke King says:

    Hello, thanks for the review. i also wrote review on some adult site. and it would be the first time that im going to do a review about hentai. i dont have any idea at now what and what should i reviews. LOL. anyway i like the way you describe it.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I know this is an old review…but I have to say this. This anime made me almost throw up. wow thats it XD

  7. I guess I should say something since I was responsible for recommending this title. You think the first volume was something where you had to ignore the plot, wait until you see the second volume. Ignoring the plot will not aid you here, because the story seems to do just that. It is nothing but #*$%@&. At least there was some sensual stuff in the first volume, there’s none of that here. So yeah, stop with Volume 1.

    Oh, and thank you Mizuki for bringing up Bible Black. I’m proud to declare that I’ve seen the entire series including it’s shorts. Watching the english dubbing is the funniest thing next to Sgt. Maritan doing Full Metal Jacket. But you want to know what’s scary about Bible Black? In the entire series with all the sex scenes and all the girl/girl moments, there is only ONE consensual lesbian scene that doesn’t involve the male organ. In fact, the two girls involved are genuine lesbians who expressively don’t want to date guys, which is a rare feet even for hentai! Unfortunately that doesn’t long since the witchcraft girls make her fall in love with a loser student who appears to be made up of nothing but bones and chicken skin. However, when the spell is broken, oh my god. Erica’s trademark comes into play and, even though it’s brutal I couldn’t stop laughing.

  8. @Ted the Awesome – The reason this popped back up on the radar today was the DCMA issue. It’s actually a review from 2005….

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