Doki Doki School Hours Anime, Volume 2

April 21st, 2007

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(I am starting with Volume 2 because while someone kindly purchased Volume 1 for me from my Wish List, it has not yet arrived. I will be sure to review it when it does come, promise!)

So, Doki Doki School Hours, Volume 2, aka Sensei no Ojikan, is the story of a class in high school taught by Mika-sensei, who looks to be about 10, although she is actually 27. The characters in the class are a charming bunch of running gags, and the series is mostly one set piece after another where those gags can play off one another.

This volume starts after summer vacation, as we compare skin tones and talk about “what we did on our summer vacation.” One of the guys, who looks, dresses and talks like an old guy, so they call him “Oyaji” is assumed to have gotten a part time job in construction. Everyone is so convinced of this “fact” that no one even asks him what he did. So, he decides not to tell them that he was in Hawaii on vacation.

That’s about the tenor of the jokes here – mild, cute, but not laugh-out-loud hysterical. A Ziggy sort of anime.

For all that it is pretty mild, Doki Doki is also surprisingly gay. One of the boys, Kudo, has an open crush on another, Suetake – which everyone but Suetake knows about. Probably the best bit of this volume is when Kudo is chosen to play Snow White and Suetake the Prince in their class production of Snow White for the school festival. As the two boys practice their lines, the windows are crowded with girls oohing and ahhing at this BL team. A furiously blushing Kobayashi comments to a furiously blushing Mika-sensei that they should probably let them stay in their school uniforms, as the audience seems to like it better that way. lol

Another guy in class, Seki, is a cross-dresser. He’s not gay, he just thinks he looks even more beautiful than usual in women’s clothing. He *is* a narcissist.

And for the Yuri team, there’s Kitagawa Rio, the tall, attractive, smart blonde who has a loli complex focusing solely on Mika-sensei, and who is a sadist. Her greatest joy is teasing Mika-sensei in any number of ways. I don’t doubt that she would take advantage of Mika-sensei, if she could.

Notably, there’s some name-brand voice actors in this cast, including a load of “6 degrees of yuri” players. As a result, the voice acting is a lot better than what you’d expect for an anime of this caliber. It definitely helps the gags work.


Art – 5, but not meant to be “good”
Story – 6
Characters – 6
Yuri – 4
Service – 3

Overall – 6

I can’t really call this a “Yuri” anime, because it’s not. It is a comedy anime with some Yuri for laughs. Another fun detox after a hard day type anime. Don’t expect to snort soda out your nose, but it’s good fun.

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