He is My Master Manga, Volume 1 (English)

February 12th, 2008

Do you remember the television series Three’s Company? Remember how funny it was when Jack had to pretend to be gay in order to be able to share an apartment with two women? And how hilarious it was when, in every single episode, Mr. Roper would overhear a conversation that sounded suggestive but couldn’t really be because, you know, Jack was gay? Or how hysterical it was when Larry came up with “clever” plans to get a girl which usually involved Jack, but failed because he had to pretend to be gay? And how immensely entertaining it was to see Suzanne Somers play a scantily clad blonde being a brainless bimbo saying all sorts of bubble-headed things every time? And let’s not forget how side-splitting Mrs. Roper’s constant witty comments on her lack of a sex life were.

He is My Master isn’t quite that funny.


Art – 6 Tsubaki Asu’s work isn’t bad. However baby faces on adult bodies squick me.
Characters – 2
Story – 3 Ah screwball comedy, a nice change of pace from quality.
Yuri – 4 Ana’s gay for Izumi, whee.
LoserFan Boy – 999

Overall – 3

This story is pretty much an 8-ball of otakudom’s saddest fetishes, repeated over and over again every chapter ad nauseum. The funniest thing about the volume was the author’s and artist’s notes at the end where Asu admits to never having even met the editor.

And thanks to Daniel for sponsoring today’s review. I’ve been dying to write it.  ^_^

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