Yuri Drama CD: Sasamekikoto ~ The Longest Day of Sumika

February 22nd, 2010

The Birthday Gambit. We all know it as one of the most tedious plot complications possible in anime and manga. Whether it devolves into the “What, it’s your birthday?” series of painful lies that end up in a surprise party or the “Invite everyone, even my enemies” style party in which chaos consumes the plot, anyone that has read or watched more than a few anime or manga series will be familiar with the mortification that consumes us as we watch yet another agonizing birthday celebration. What could possibly be worse?

Well…it could be rendered into a musical number about your hopeless one-sided love for your best friend, sung by everyone else in your life.

And this, my friends, is the plot of Sasamekikoto~ The Longest Day of Sumika.

So, it’s Sumi’s birthday and all she really wants is for Ushio to come over and spend some time with her. Ushio, ever insensitive to Sumi’s feelings, begins to obsess over getting Sumi the perfect gift. Of course, the perfect gift would have been for her to come over, but no, that’s not likely, is it?

Sumika ends up inviting Kyori, Miyako and Tomoe, and Kyori ends up inviting “Akemi-chan” and of course there’s Nori and Sumika’s brothers and father. Everyone arrives for the party, including Sumika’s homeroom teacher except – you guessed it – Ushio.

At which point the Drama CD becomes an overproduced and slightly snarky musical number that I’m singing in my head even now. Whatever you might expect from this…don’t. This is a brutal commentary on what other people think Sumika’s life ought to be like and it doesn’t make her happy. In the original track, which is the longest on the CD, Sumika resists being dragged into the musical number as long as she can.

When Ushio does eventually show up, very late, she accompanied by her sempai, because you see she wanted to get Sumika something perfect, but ruined the dress she was making so took the train out to the beach and forgot her cellphone and purse and couldn’t get back and…here’s a really pretty shell for your birthday.

Oh, Sumi, please forget Ushio. Please. She’s a clod. Be slightly hurt and grow up and find someone wonderful, okay? Thanks.

In any case, this CD is perfectly in keeping with the anime, in that it’s unfocused, mostly in Sumika’s head and silly. You could do worse for a Drama CD.


Story – 7-WTF
Characters – 7
Yuri – 3
Loser Fan – 1

Overall – 7

Really, the song is incredibly sticky. Someone needs to make a AMV to it.

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5 Responses

  1. CJ says:

    I really think the seiyuu in this anime did a great job… I mean, I could totally recognize Tomoe and Miyako’s voice even when I don’t understand a word of what they sang/said, lol. That song was…hmmm…I don’t know how to describe it!

  2. BruceMcF says:

    Someone definitely needs to make an AMV, so they can sub it.

    (Why do I make to-do lists for anonymous random others when I never get through my own to-do lists? Probably because I never get through my own to-do lists.)

  3. geek says:

    I have to ge a copy of that! Gaah! Will Sumika and Ushio ever be together?

  4. Jane says:

    Tomoe’s seiyuu has a great singing voice! I did always like her voice from the anime anyway =]

    Sumika’s brothers singing is just too cute! :P
    But I couldn’t hear akemiya/akemi-kun :( one of my fav characters…

    I forward the proposition for an AMV! XD

  5. Maggienificent says:

    Wtf is right…XD

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