Yuri Network News – May 29, 2010

May 29th, 2010

Snatches of Yuri

Looking for crazy hijinx in a manga club that never draws any manga, but does a lot of cosplay, with a little light Yuri yearning? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Manken Volume 3 is out!

Somewhat subsumed by the noise of the Marimite movie, another live-action movie based on a Margaret manga hit all the corners of the Yurisphere. Bushido Sixteen, which has pretty much all the bells and whistles of classic Yuri-ish material. Girls, sports, swords, high tension, attraction/desire/rivalry, etc. Volume 1 of the manga was supposed to have have potential, in Volume 2 of the manga it ignites. Ish. Is it just me, or is Margaret a totally passive-aggressive magazine? Every time it gets a really good GL-themed thing, it starts to kill it off. I’m not sure what the deal is.

Running in Renai Paradise magazine, one of those teens have sex too-type magazines that are scattered around Japanese bookstores, is a series called Warui Onna, which one Japanese Yuri blog hailed as a “real-life teen Yuri romance.” Only, not so much. :-) Sample pictures from the creator’s blog here and here (NSFW, which is the point I’m making!) say its more like “yet another lesbian porn story.” That’s not fair – it might really be a love story with lesbians and everything. :-) I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt until I see it for myself. But it does run in a magazine for teens in which everyone has sex in pretty much every chapter.


Yuri Manga

Morinaga Milk’s Girl Friends, Volume 4 will be hitting the shelves on June 11.

On June 18th, we’ll be getting Takemiya Jin’s Yuri Hime stories collected in Love Breaker and Yuri Hime Selection 3, the third volume of collected one- and two-shot stories from previous issues of the magazine.


Yuri Light Novel

Itsuwari no Hime ha Kishi to Odoru Double Engage is both a new Bunko Iris Light Novel from Ichijinsha and a candidate for one of the silliest titles I’ve seen this year. A glimpse at the cover with basically tell you everything you need to know about it.


Yuri Anime

The new “adult” anime based on the popular Yuri ero-game Sono hanabira ni kuchizuke wo anata to koibito tsunagi will be making its debut in Japan on July 30.

Anime News Network reports that the So Ra No Wo To website has a 132-second trailer for a bonus episode that will be packaged with the upcoming Japanese Blu-Ray release.


Maria-sama ga Miteru News

Thanks to YNN correspondent Erin S for clarification on this news: The Maria-sama ga Miteru manga is starting up again in The Margaret magazine, picking up with with “Cherry Blossom,” when Noriko sees Shimako for the first time. We’ve already reported that the previous volumes of manga are being reissued as omnibus volumes and, with the movie coming out in the fall, this is great timing to stimulate interest.


Other News

This is unrelated to Yuri, but it is totally worth reading. Takashima Misako, an artist who draws manga for children  and teaches art workshops to kids under the name Misako Rocks! (and who has been a guest at a number of anime/manga events across the country) recently did an interview with Mainichi about the differences in culture in terms of what is considered “appropriate” in the US and Japan, among other things.


That’s a wrap for this week.

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5 Responses

  1. Erin says:

    The Marimite manga serialization has resumed in The Margaret, starting with “Cherry Blossom”: http://betsuma.shueisha.co.jp/content/the_next.html

    I have not heard anything about the novels being reserialized.

  2. darkchibi07 says:

    Oh man, I hope Media Blasters gets the Sono Hanabira anime just for the sake of getting it uncensored. Same for Shoujo Sect.

  3. @Erin – Thank you! I appreciate the clarification. I’ll fix that now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Apparently Bushido Sixteen is based on a novel, and there is another manga adaptation running in Afternoon. And the novel seems to have a sequel, “Bushido Eighteen”. Maybe one of these handles the rivalry between the two girls in a way that’s more satisfying for Yuri fans. And if not… Well, it looks interesting, in any case. Looking forward to the live-action adaptation.

  5. @Anonymous – Thanks for the detective work!

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