Seitokaichou ga Yuri Suki demo Mondai nashi!? Manga (生徒会長が百合好きでも問題ナシ! ?)

August 22nd, 2013

Seitokaichou ga Yuri Suki demo Mondai nashi!? (生徒会長が百合好きでも問題ナシ! ?) is a 4-panel gag comic by Uona Terepin for Kadokawa Comics. It is, marginally, Yuri.

Hanayashiki Kanon is the Student Council President; she’s smart, pretty, wears power well and has a Yuri fetish which she hides from everyone except her maid. Kurumi, her maid, likes Kanon and probably would “like” her if asked. Kanon is interested in Kurumi, but is hiding that from everyone, too, including Kurumi. By “hiding” I of course mean, being incredibly obvious in an awkward and pointless way.

Also on the Council is Nanami and her maid Rena (who is a ninja) and Aoi who sees right through Kanon and instigates as often as she can. Not on the council is Kanon’s self-styled rival Ami – her maid Riko only works for the money.

So, I started reading this manga resigned to one joke per character, which I got, but I didn’t expect to actually laugh out loud. The beginning is so outlandish and over the top, at some point you just either laugh…or throw the book out.

Kanon and Kurumi could be an item. There’s no reason why they aren’t, except that the only vestige of a plot is that Kanon like Yuri and maybe, sort of, possibly, likes Kurumi). Therefore we can expect nothing will happen and all the characters will have one joke each. I read one chapter each night so I didn’t throw the book out. I laughed out loud about once every other chapter. Not too bad for a gag manga.


Art – 7
Story – There is none, just typical school-life tropes
Character – 7 Better than I expected
Yuri – 2 One-sided, for no reason
Service – 7 The usual; bathing, swimsuits, Holiday/event dress up, random cosplay, random service.

Overall – 7

This book isn’t going to be on my Top Ten, but I haven’t thrown it out yet. ^_^

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