Marine Corps Yumi Manga (まりんこゆみ) Official English Website Relaunch

May 14th, 2014

mcyumiYumi Nagumo is an energetic, unfocused Nipponian high school graduate. With no real plan for the future, she decides she’ll become the President of the United States of Amerigo. Convinced by a bunch of veterans that the best path to citizenship and the Presidency is becoming a Marine, Yumi enlists in the Marine Corps. Welcome to Marine Corps Yumi, written by Anastasia Moreno with art by Takeshi Nogami.

Moreno-sensei explains the comic,”This comic is a fictional comedy about female Marines and what they experience before, during and after service. Although there is an abundance of books, movies and comics about and/or for the male Marine audience, there wasn’t much about or for the female Marine audience. We hope to fill that gap a little and provide some lighthearted entertainment to my fellow sister Marines.

“The Japanese version of this webcomic began back in September 2012 and new episodes were posted every Monday. We did a trial run of the English version on the same website, but we realized that the page navigation and other factors made the website not as user-friendly to English readers as we had hoped. After posting the first 30 English episodes, we decided to regroup and come up with a better game plan so English readers can access our comic better. That was last December.

“After a few months of butting our heads against the wall, the editors and creator team agreed to set up a new satellite site dedicated to English readers. We have also launched an official tumblr site and Facebook fan page, and will tweet the heck out this series on Twitter as well. We hope that these new endeavors will enable us to reach out to English readers like you.

From there, we will be posting a new English episode up twice a week — Wednesdays and Fridays (Thu and Sat for those in Japan) — until we catch up to the Japanese version. Once we catch up, we will post new English episodes on Wednesdays.”


I’ve reviewed Volume 1 in Japanese here on Okazu, and  thanks to Moreno-sensei, we have 2 copies of Volume 2 in Japanese to give away! We’re going to make you work a little bit at this contest, because we really want to get the news out. Share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, a mailing list or forum and let me know with an email to me at yuricon at gmail, subject “MC Yumi”. (I trust you, you can just tell me you shared it, no link needed. Just write something like “I shared it on Twitter” with your name and an email I can reach you at. You have to be over 18 to enter. Thanks for your shares, likes, RTs and posts in advance. ^_^

The site launches today in Japan. Stand up straight, eyes front and give your atten-tion to Marine Corps Yumi.

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  1. DezoPenguin says:

    Oh, nice! I enjoyed the initial strips and am happy to see it back. If they ever publish it in English I’d be glad to buy a copy.

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