Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – November 1, 2014

November 1st, 2014


Top news this week is the upcoming December issue of Japanese literary magazine Eureka (ユリイカ) which will be all about Yuri, with some *amazing* contributors, including Amano Shuninta, Maria-sama ga Miteru creator Konno Oyuki, scholars Mizoguchi Akiko, (hopefully) James Welker and, gods willing, me. Keep your fingers crossed and take a look at the magazine when it comes out.

Yuri Manga

Yuri anthology Mebae (メバエ) has made it to a Volume 3 which will hit the streets in late November. I’ve just finished up Vol. 1, and while it is firmly male gaze, it had a few stories worth reading.


Yuri Hime Comics has a veritable embarrassment of Yuri riches, with a load of current and upcoming releases:

Katakura Ako’s Ashita no Kimi ni Hanabata wo (明日の君に花束を)

Himitsu no Kakera by  Fujisawa Makoto (秘密のカケラ)

Humming Girl by Nakano Tomo  (ハミングガール)

Hiruno Tsukiko’s 2-parter Shirogane Gymnasium, (白銀ギムナジウム) Part 1 and Part 2.

Kodama Naoko’s going with the overused title Renai Manga for her collection (レンアイマンガ).

Starlight Melody by Fuki (スターライト メロディ)

Also keep your eyes out for Minamoto Hisanari’s two new collections, Yuridori Midori (ゆりどりみどり) and,  Rokujyo~hitomano Nekogamisama (ろくじょ~ひとまの ねこがみさま).


Annnnnd we’re finally get a few of the promised Hirari Comic wrap ups:

Shoushin (傷心) by Yukimura

Wakemonaku Kurushikunaruno (理由(わけ)もなく悲しくなるの) by Hakamada Mera

Kono Yo no Tadahitori (この世にただひとり) by Fuji Tamaki

Comic Natalie reports that Fujio-sensei’s autobiographical comic series  parlor that ran in Pure Yuri Anthology Hirari is moving to webcomic platform Wanpoko.


 LGBTQ Comics

The Advocate speaks with comic artist Paige Braddock about her long-running slice-of-lesbian-life comic Jane’s World.

Other News

Andrew Wheeler takes a look at the naming problems faced by female superheroes in Lady She-Woman: Female Superhero Codenames and Identity on Comics Alliance.



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  1. J says:

    Kodama Naoko’s “Renai Manga” is just Yuri Hime’s reprint of the Tsubomi series. Doesn’t really change the fact that the title is trite, but at least it’s not freshly trite?

    藤沢誠 (秘密のカケラ) is “Fujisawa Makoto”, not “Fujisawa Hira”: http://yuzu.moo.jp/cc/1st.html

    In addition to shinshokan granting Parlour a new life in wanpoko, a couple of Hirari、 series (Takashima’s “kase-san” and Morinaga’s “ohimesama”) are also being sustained in “wings”:

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