Kampfer Manga, Volume 3 (English)

May 12th, 2015

kampfer3You know, I kind of had high hopes for Volume 3 of Kampfer.

Hahahahahahaha, just kidding, of course I didn’t have any hopes at all for Volume 3, because I’m a realist and I’d seen the anime.  I knew perfectly well that nothing of importance would happen and nothing would be explained.

Instead, Volume 3 is a lengthy diversion into the workings of Japanese “fan clubs” in which several self-appointed “fans” assign themselves the role of extorting other fans for the chance to spend a moment with the celebrity du jour.

Also so new characters are added, but as none of the old ones have any real purpose in the story, it’s meaningless plot complications all the way down. ^_^

It still doesn’t make any sense, but hey, if you’re this far in and still reading, you might as well keep on, only there is no more in English to read. DMP apparently has given up on this series and who can truly blame them?


Art – 7
Story – 2 Not even an attempt at one
Characters – 3
Service – 8
Yuri – 4 Girl Natsuru is the school idol.

Overall – 4

I would like to very much thank Okazu Superhero Day for contributing to my sleeping well. This was the book I was reading last at night so that my eyes would just sort of naturally close and I’d drift off. ^_^

I was going to write “I wish someone had made entrails animal plushies” then realized that no, no I didn’t.



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  1. Day says:

    No volume four for English release?! You mean I might have to donate something that isn’t utter garbage?!

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