Yuri Manga: Comic Yuri Hime, May 2015 (コミック百合姫 2015年 05 月号)

May 22nd, 2015

CYH052015I’m nervous. I’m really enjoying Comic Yuri Hime these days, but nothing lasts forever, right? As I read Comic Yuri Hime, May 2015 (コミック百合姫 2015年 05 月号) I couldn’t shake the feeling that the boot will drop and soon.

It appears to me, that the magazine has finally struck a balance between the – to me – unfathomable needs of Japanese fanboys and my own unfathomable needs as an American lesbian fangirl. ^_^ Sure, you guys can have your weirdly shaped breasts and bizarre crotch obsession and teary blobby-headed little girls, I’ll take the adults, the depth of emotion, the violent fighting and Iono-sama. ^_^ Deal?

If you don’t like what I do, then there’s “Netsuzou Trap – NTR”, a creeptastic story about two girls with boyfriends who get naked and do stuff on each other while their boyfriends are conveniently not in the room with them, “Citrus,” (on which I have officially given up completely, when a bad old trope that we’d already wallowed in and discarded comes back for a second appearance) and “To Lie-Anguru,” which I will never mention again. ^_^ “Yuru Yuri,”of course, and the “Yuri Danshi” narrative continues on in a slightly altered form with input from male and female Yuri fans in “Ore to Yuri.”

Almost everything in this volume continued on from last time, but there were a few highlights that stood out for me. Ohsawa Yayoi’s “2DK, G Pen, Mesamashi Tokei.” went exactly where I had hoped, and shifted from “competent woman hustles while slacker slacks”, to “two adult women figuring out their lives.”

Nakahara Tsubaki’s “12 Minute Etude” is still cute in a non-intrusive way, as is “Inugami-san to Neko-yama -san,” and the excruciatingly adorable and fun “Kanaete! Yuri Yosei-san” which I still believe may be Minamoto Hisanari’s masterwork effort, in that he can combine the silliest of Yuri tropes, an absurdly adorable moe fairy and still have a lot of fun telling a story. ^_^

To scratch my itch for a little light violence, there’s still “Love Desu” and “Shoujo Shikaku”  for horror and major violence fans.

Takemiya Jin provides “Sakasama Oni-gokko”, Kano makes a debut with two stories and…to my absolute joy, Fujieda Miyabi is back, with a spin off of “Iono-sama Fanatics” called “Kokono-sama Fascinates” which follows the entirely unobjectionable adventures in love and lady-in-waiting gathering of Kokono, the daughter of Iono-sama and Eto. Squee.

So, see? We can all be happy.


Overall – 8

If they can just keep this up forever, I’ll be satisfied.  ^_^

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5 Responses

  1. Jye Nicolson says:

    The July issue is looking good too, with double 2DK and more Ameiro Kochakan Kandan! No Kuzushiro, oddly enough, though the extra story in the Love/Death tankobon makes up for that.

  2. Susanna Hopkins says:

    Netsuzou Trap is just plain disgusting, but I suppose it’s the the “prime” of the disgusting side of Yuri that Kodama Naoko so likes spitting at the Yuri community. But at the same time, I feel like a relation of two girls already in boyfriend relationships is something you would see in a western movie. And somehow I’m recalling to mind a certain movie which had that plot…. but that aside, that story is just creepy for a Yuri fan (unless she/he/it is super-masochistic). It’s one of the reasons I have trouble picking up a Yuri Hime magazine this year.

    on the OTHER hand, popular Kantai Collection doujin artist’s Yuri series in current Yurihime magazine, 桃色トランス (momoiro trance/Pink color trance) is fabulous relief from that NTR trash.

    • Sally Sue says:

      Well Netsuzou Trap is in Yuri Hime, so, we can expect that at least have a yuri end. The hetshit is annoying but in theory can be tolerated by the amount of scenes between the two girls. While the scenes between the two girls are quite explicit and very beautiful, the hetshit little is still being very annoying and disappointing.

      I understand that many hate Netsuzou Trap. After what happened with Cross Ange, we do not want another disappointment.

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