LGBTQ: Manga de Tsuzuru Yurina Hibi /まんがで綴る百合な日々

August 13th, 2015

download5-e1429832392551Tanu is a careerwoman, Negi is her lover, and their story – how they met, what their life is like together, what their plans for the future are – make up this non-fiction comic essay, Manga de Tsuzuru Yurina Hibi (まんがで綴る百合な日々).

Their story is fairly typical – they talk about recognizing that they liked women in school, how they met at a drinking party and became friends, then lovers and eventually moved in together. The very calm predictability of it is what makes it worth reading. It’s utterly relatable. The end of the book is a Q&A with Tanu and Negi, moderated by lesbian talent and author, Makimura Aasako (author of Doukyonin no Bishoujo ga Lesbian Datta Ken and Yuri no Real.

The text is all handwritten, which makes this book a challenge for readers like myself and the story is not exciting, per se, but this is another great addition to our comic essay library of adorable examples of lesbian life in book form.


Art – 5 Cute cartoons, rather than sophisticated art.
Story – 6 Slice of life
Characters – 7

Overall – 7

I would have given this book a higher rating if Tanu and Negi were comfortable enough to show their faces. As it is, they are clearly not out, so the normality of their life depends upon a certain amount of secrecy and is therefore not actually normal.  I sympathize, but….

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