Yuri Network News – (百合ネットワークニュース) – December 17, 2016

December 17th, 2016

Yuri Manga

At last, the second volume of Collectors by Nishi UKO is up for pre-order!  Yahoo!

Also headed our way is Renai Log (恋愛ログ) by Takemiya Jin and Momono Moto’s Akaneiro no Kiss ha Okujou de (茜色のキスは屋上で).

Ichijinsha has several collections on the way – Sekihar’, Akumu no Rakuen (悪夢の楽園) and Numachi’s Kakinzumi Girlfriend (課金済ガールフレンド).

Online,  Cycomi presents a new Yuri manga by Nou Natsumi, Futari Monologue. You can read chapters for free online, in Japanese.

ANN has the news that this year’s Kono Manga ga Sugoi! listing for female readers included My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, by Nagata Kabi, which was licensed for release next year by Seven Seas, so you too can see if this manga is amazing!

From YNN Correspondent Ary,  comes the news that Complex Age has been licensed by Kodansha. Ary says it is “a nice, unexpectedly accurate look at nerd girls on the cosplay and lolita scene as they approach those dreaded mid-late twenties and thirties.” 

Not Yuri, but super fun, from YNN Correspondent Brendan B, the French edition of  Otouto no Otto (which has been licensed by Gay Manga as My Brother’s Husband), Le Mari de mon frère has been nominated for an award at Angouleme, the French comics awards event.

According to Komatsu-san over at Crunchyroll News, manga artist Matsumoto Hidekichi drew a serial announcement of the ending of the Sabagebu! manga  on Twitter.


Yuri Anime

I’m told there’s some service-y Yuri in the manga A Centaur’s Life, and now an anime for the series has been announced.

Viz is hosting a Sailor Moon R Movie Event on January 13th in Los Angeles, according to ANN. If anyone can make that, do let us know how it is!


Live Action News

ANN also has the news that the Live-action Saki movie has released a 60-second trailer for your viewing pleasure. 


Yuri Games

Today we’ll wrap up with news that was both surprising and pleasing. A while back I reported on a Japanese Yuri game that was being worked on called Hanaemi ni Kuchizuke (花笑みにくちづけを), set at an all girls’ school. The company releasing it made a big deal of recruiting character designs, then we didn’t hear anything again for some time. In fact, just a few months ago I took the link off my “to check” links, as it hadn’t been updated since 2015. Well, Yurinavi reports that the game has launched at last, as a cell phone game in Japan. Yurinavi has some screenshots for us, I’m reading it right now on my cel, so it looks like you’ll be able to play it (in Japanese) on western phones. Click here to play. I’m playing this as I write. It’s unintentionally hilarious (to me.)

And from YNN correspondent Elizabeth F, we have the game Fight or Flirt, a dating sim originally developed for the Yuri Game Jam, which is clearly Utena inspired. Check it out and let us know what you think of it!


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4 Responses

  1. Julia says:

    Hm. Not sure I’d call the yuri in “A Centaur’s Life” all that service-y to be honest. There is a canon yuri couple in the circle of the main character’s friends. Their behaviour is not really any more service-y than the rest of the manga (nothing too bad, but I’d give it a 4-5…).

    There is one interesting scene where two characters and their little sisters / their niece are sitting on a bench and chatting. The discussion ends up shifting to the topic of kissing (kid A is jealous of kid B kissing A’s older “nee-chan” on the cheek as a greeting). Basic conclusion of the more conservative older sister of kid B: fine for kids, but “adult girls don’t kiss each other”. Queue the canon couple who happen to walk by. One kisses the other one on the lips (SFW…) and explains that this is not quite true, and that: “See, when you grow up, you can kiss people you really love” (followed by the caution that a kiss on the mouth is reserved for very special cases only, cheeks are fine). Found that to actually be quite a nice way of handling it.

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