Yuri Animation: Asagao to Kase-san Clip on Youtube

May 8th, 2017

Via YNN Special Correspondent Verso S., the animation clip being developed for Takashima Hiromi’s Asagao to Kase-san series has gone up on Youtube. Check out this “Kimi ni Hikari” starring Yamada-san and Kase-san, accompanied by, “Kimi no Egao” sung by Oku Hanako.

If you like the clip, please consider giving it a “like” and a comment on Youtube.

And then we all sit back and wonder, is this a teaser for something more? Is this testing the waters? Whiat, we have to wonder, is this clip for?


We didn’t have to wonder long, though because on Sunday the Asagao_Anime official twitter account sent out a post asking people what they thought of the clip…and asked for feed back….And commented that maybe full series might be in the works if they got enough response.


The official account has shown themselves fluent in English so, if you’re on Twitter, feel free to let them know what you think there, as well.

In all honesty, I thought this to be a genuinely beautiful animation of Takashima-sensei’s art. I’ll admit to grinning through the whole clip. ^_^

Here’s hoping that we’ll get a Kase-san anime!

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6 Responses

  1. Verso Sciolto says:

    3999 more views for 100,000 people to have watched the music video in its first week online…

  2. Verso Sciolto says:

    Gotta be worth something, right?

    Linking this here too, from Director Takuya Satō’s Twitter feed:

    I’m getting greedy but I hope something else will be done with an image like that as well … I could quite easily see such an internal news letter included as a colourful “Making off” booklet, released together with the disk sets for the first season of the animated series…

  3. Verso Sciolto says:

    With the publication of Seven Seas’ English edition of “Bento and Kase-san”, next week, their translations will be temporarily in sync with the re-run on LINEmanga. Making me wonder -again- about the possibility of opening these platforms to readers across borders. The week after that “Line” reserialisation will be ahead once more, though behind to date the very latest chapter, “Nadeshiko to Kase-san … as we yoyo pleasantly between versions and timelines.

    Not sure if the announcement has been widely circulated but … sometime last week the promotional images at the end of all the “Kase-san” stories available on “Line” were retroactively replaced with a new page, giving a tentative completion date, towards the second half of July 2017, for a “tankōbon” to be titled “Apron to Kase-san”.

    Reminding us also that the series has (re-)started as “Yamada and Kase-san” from the June issue of bimonthly magazine “Wings” and informing us about the release of the video clip.
    With that we’re back on the same page.

  4. Verso Sciolto says:

    Cool, looking forward to the News Report with your announcement.

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