Princess Knight Anime, Part 1 – Disk 5 (English) and Contest Winners

November 10th, 2013

As we reach the final disk of the first half of Osamu Tezuka’s  Princess Knight, things heat up significantly for Knight.

After Knight has many adventures (and again meet Satan and his daughter, who is now falling for Knight,) the King sets aside the crown in order to allow Knight to take the throne, but finally, Duralamin’s schemes pay off and Knight is publicly unveiled as a…gasp!…girl. Duralamin throws Knight into jail with her mother and puts his own son on the throne. (One is left to presume that he has paid off all the other nobles of the Kingdom, or surely they’d all be angling to rule.)

Knight finds a way to escape the jail and uses it to fight for her people, who are being cruelly used by Duralamin, as Phantom Knight. The disk leaves us wondering how, not if, she will manage to free Silverland.

And, actually, that was my only “complaint”…if you will. Had I been organizing the disks, I would have ended Disk 5 as Knight and her mother were dragged off to jail. It’s a pretty tense moment and would have made for a compelling cliffhanger. But no one asked me. ^_^

Now that Knight has been outed, I’m actually looking forward to the second half more than this half. Knight can be herself as a whole person as opposed to hiding and having Duralamin and Nylon being creepy about her.  From now on, Knight is a powerful, fearless Princess and just exactly the person who can save Silverland.


Art – 4
Characters – 8
Story – 8 While technically, the low point in the story, it’s a relief to be past the whole “she’s really a girl” nonsense.

Overall – 7

And now, the Princess Knight, Part 1 Box Set Contest Winners!

Joel Keralis
Emily Orr

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Thank you everyone who entered and RightStuf for their generosity in providing these box sets for review and contest.

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