Yuri Manga: Rakuen Le Paradis (楽園 Le Paradis), Volume 16

January 8th, 2015

Rlp16It’s time for another quarterly rave about Rakuen Le Paradis (楽園 Le Paradis), magazine! This issue, Volume 16, was chock full of great stories, as usual.

On the Yuri side, Nishi UKO-sensei’s new chapter of “Collectors”, as usual, had me smiling in fond alliance with Shinobu.  No one will ever accuse me of being a clothes horse. I bought one new sweater this season. But books? I got a lot. ^_^

Sengoku Hiroko’s continuing story of a student and the teacher she likes is turning rather serious. I don’t know where it’ll go at all, and that intrigues me.

Again, Nishi UKO presents a standalone story “que rico!” in which two lesbian couples prepare and share a dinner. It was all so normal that it took my breath away.

Unita Yumi’s “Nemurinohime” about a girl who sleeps too much but, while asleep, can access god-like powers, has joined the list of my top 4 series in the magazine. In this issue she works really hard to help a girl, a classmate,  who stays up too late texting her boyfriend. At the end, the two find that they actually have a lot in common and a new friendship is born.

As always, Mizutani Fuuka’s “14-sai no Koi” is excruciatingly cute.


Overall – 8

Always an enjoyable and challenging read. Every single issue.

Volume 17 will be out at the end of February.

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