LGBTQ: Alphabet Anthology

August 5th, 2016

ALPHABETfabricsmall-1024x1024In honor of the Prism Comics annual Queer Press Grant and to raise money for this wonderful, inclusive, friendly queer comics consortium, the folks at Prism gathered 40 popular and successful queer comics artists and built a book. Alphabet Anthology is that book.

It is…well, it’s really quite wonderful. ^_^

It celebrates  and agonizes over sexuality, gender, race and being part of a queer comic community, with all the many ways to inflict self-torture all of these can provide.

Alphabet is wry, and honest, and a little painful, sometimes. It’s snarky and funny and fun and annoying all at the same time – exactly as you’d expect with this meeting of the great queer comic minds. In fact, it’s awfully like attending a conference and sitting in on panels with these folks. You find yourself laughing-crying, sharing heartache and joy and facepalming constantly.

There are so many good comics in this book it’s impossible to call out just a few. The names in this book are names you should know in contemporary queer comics art.

So if you want a really sweet glimpse of the current state of queer comics, check out these comics by amazing comic artists like Ahri Almeida, Elizabeth Beier, Christianne Benedict, Bex, Jennifer Camper, Vi Cao, Tyler Cohen, Howard Cruse, Dave Davenport, Dylan Edwards, Tana Ford, Melanie Gillman, Diego Gomez, Soizick Jaffre, Emeric Kennard, Robert Kirby, Hanna-Pirita Lehkonen, Ed Luce, Steve MacIsaac, Hazel Newlevant, Hanna Oliver, Eric Orner, David Quantic, Carlo Quispe, Sonya Saturday, Mike Sullivan, Dax Tran-Caffee, Josh Trujillo, Kelsey Wroten, and many more!

Please excuse me a second while I kvell at the fact that I have had a chance to meet so many of these amazing, talented folks. Squee. If there is one best reason to go to comic events like SPX, Flamecon, Nijicon, Queer and Comics and the like it’s the chance to meet and speak with this extraordinary talent and all the really interesting and fun people who admire them.

You can still purchase Alphabet Anthology from Prism, and they now have it available in hardcover, which would make a stellar donation to your local or university library.


It’s an anthology – so everything is variable.

Overall – 10

Speaking of events, I will be at Flame Con this year, but I’m going to be just in from Europe the night before. So if you want to catch me as I fall, do drop by and look for me staggering around the new location. If you keep me upright, I’ll be giving away random crap as a reward. ^_^


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